Přijďte navštívit náš stánek na INVENT ARENA, kde společně s Compo Tech PLUS, spol. s r.o. představíme naše hybridní vřeteno.

INVENT ARENA má v roce 2024 podtitul Go for Green a věnuje se tématu udržitelnosti, ekologie a transformace výroby, což jsou témata, která rezonují společností.




 It is our please to announce the handover process of the new machine HCW1 for our Korean customer has been successfully completed and the machine is ready for operation.

We want to inform you of a change in our board of directors.

With effect from 20.3.2024, Mr Vlastimil Hlavaty was elected to the position of member of the board of directors. He brings rich professional and managerial experience. He has been working in the company throughout his career.
Mr Hlavaty is currently the Technical Director and at the same time the deputy general director.

With this new addition to our leadership, we are confident that we are even better prepared to overcome new challenges and achieve our goals. Our company remains firmly committed to providing excellent products and maintaining relationships based on trust and cooperation.

We thank you for your support and the trust you show us, and we look forward to joint successes in the future.



We are proud to present a recap of the main projects completed in 2023. In this year, we handed over three HCW3 type machines to customers from China, South Korea. We also handed over the HCW1 machine to a German customer. We completed the overhaul of the W160HC headstock for a Czech customer. In November 2023, we handed over our two largest machines, the SR4000 lathe and the S-MT 200 multifunction machine.
We also shipped several milling and boring heads on separate orders for Czech customers.