We defended the title Safe Company.

This is a confirmation for companies that they take the safety and health protection of their employees seriously and it is as important to them as economic indicators.

On June 5, 2023, representatives of ten companies were awarded the Safe Company certificate in the ceremonial hall of the historic building of the Petr Bezruč Culture House in Opava



Honourable business partners,

We would like to inform you about changes in management of our company.

After having been member of the board and management of our company for many years Mr. Eng. Roman Heide PhD, MBA have had abdicated to the position of Chairman of the Board and CEO. The reason for his leaving our company is a fact, that he has accepted new working position – Chairman of the Board and CEO of company Třinecké železárny a.s.

New Chairman of the Board and CEO of ŠMT a.s. became since 1.4.2023 Mr. Pavel Košař, who is working in the company since his studies’ times. Until now he has been working as Director of Service and Assembly and he was deputy of CEO.

We believe, that the changes in the management will not influent good business relations, which we are had been established and are maintained with you for long time.

Type SV

Vertical turning lathe design with carousel table according to customer‘s request. Table load capacity according to the clamping plate size is 70 - 320 tons. Fixed columns with a vertically movable cross rail are connected with a fixed cross beam that reinforces the whole frame of machine. The result is a very high rigidity and accuracy of the complete machine.

Type SVA

Vertical turning lathe of Gantry type design equipped with carousel table. The machine travel is 1m extended for the automatic pick up of turning and milling heads at the end of the workplace.
Sliding columns with a vertically movable cross rail are connected with a fixed beam, that reinforces the whole frame of the machine.

Both variants of vertical turning lathe can be equipped with two variants of headstocks TURN design suits only for turning operations. COMBI design offers turning and milling operations. It uses Direct Drive to achieve high working milling operations. A headstock with an extensible ram is movable along the cross rail in the transverse direction. All axes are fully hydrostatic, guideways are covered by telescopic covers. The machine can be equiped with a set of milling and turning heads to widen the machining possibilities of the machine. In the basic version, the heads are placed in pallets and equipped with automatic clamping on the ram face. Standard heads are facing and angular, optional NC controlled. Special milling heads can be added upon the request or for special technological operations. The workstation also includes automatic tool changer - optional robotic tool changer with various magazine size. Tool cooling is external and through tool.

Karusel parametry

Managememt system of SMT has been found to confomrm to the Quality System standard ISO 9001:2015 for the next 3 years