Universal horizontal lathes
Lathes SR 1–5 series

SR series lathe
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    A 30-metre long workpiece? Why not?

  • Maximum Parameters:

    SWING OVER BED  6 000 mm



    POWER 355 kW

    SPEED  700 rpm

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    Energetika Větrné elektrárny Dopravní technika Těžební technika Obecné obrábění
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    Obrázek - ilustrace

Heavy horizontal lathes ŠMT equipped with NC controlling enable effective and precise machining of axial workpieces. Supplied with a wide range of accessories they can machine parts like crankshafts or turbine rotors including slotting.

The sophisticated modular machine construction makes possible work station design optimised to meet the customer requirements.

The key machine parts are made of grey iron. The machine can be equipped with milling tower, deep boring, grinding etc.

Efficient and precise machining of rotary workpieces

The present series of heavy horizontal lathes marketed under the brand of ŠMT SR consist of machines of modern design intended for efficient and precision working of rotating workpieces, representing the best combination of maximum stability, high precision and high cutting power.

  SR1 SR2 SR3 SR4 SR5
Swing over bed (mm) 1250–1900 1600–2500 2500–3500 3000–3600 3600–6000
Distance between centres (m) 3–30 4–30 4–30 4–30 4–30
Max. workpiece weight (t) 25 56 100 250 350
Cross side travel (mm) 700  1000  1250  1600  2200/2500
Power (kW) 55–95 55–140 55–190 95–190 190–355
Max. speed (rpm) 700 430 250 120 120

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