Portal Milling Machines Working station
Portal milling machine of table type design WP

Portal milling machine of table type design WP
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    Large workpieces machining with maximum precision

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    POWER  110 kW

    SPINDLE SPEED  4 000 ot/min

    TORQUE 8 400 Nm

    RAM 600 x 600 mm

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Portal milling machine of table type design WP

ŠMT portal milling machine of table type design with clamping plate size according to customer‘s request. Table travel is 1m longer than plate length. Table load capacity according to the clamping plate size is 100 - 250 t. Fixed columns with a vertically movable cross rail are connected with a fixed cross beam that reinforces the whole frame of machine. The result is a very high rigidity and accuracy of the complete machine.


A headstock with an extensible ram is movable along the cross rail in the transverse direction. All axis are fully hydrostatic, guideways are covered by telescopic covers.


Portal milling machine  can be equiped with two variants of headstocks

  • SPEED design uses Direct Drive to achieve high working speeds
  • HEAVY design offers a powerful torque design even with with large diameter mills or boring operations


The machine can be equiped with a set of milling heads to widen the machining possibilities of the machine. In the basic version, the milling heads are placed in pallets and equipped with automatic clamping on the ram face. Standard heads are facing and angular, optional NC controlled. Special milling heads can be added upon the request or for special technological operations.
The workstation also includes automatic tool changer - optional robotic tool changer with various magazíne size. Tool cooling is external and through tool.

Clearance between column mm 4000-10000
Clearance under spindle mm 3000-7000
X - axis (gantry) mm  
X - axis (table) mm N x 2000
Y - axis (headstock) mm 5000-11000
Z - axis (ram) mm 2000 2500
W - axis (cross-rail) mm 1000-5000
Power kW 110 103
Torque Nm 3000 8400
Spindle speed rpm 4000 3000
Spindle gear range   1 2
RAM mm 480x480 600x600

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