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Carousel tables TDV C

Carousel tables TDV C
  • Password:

    80 rpm.
    More than machining.

  • Maximum Parameters:

    Load 250 t

    Rapid traverse - V axis 10 m/min

    Clamping area 6,5x6,5 m

    Rotation speed 80 ot/min

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    Energetika Větrné elektrárny Dopravní technika Lodní průmysl Těžba ropy a plynu Letecký průmysl Těžební technika Obecné obrábění
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Rotary tables ŠMT TDV C are equipped with a carousel function.

This enables the customers use, not only standard boring and milling operations, but also turning operations on the same component.

This solution increases the customer´s flexibility and the variability of machining, such like productivity.


TDV 40 C TDV 70  C TDV 100 C  TDV 160 C TDV 250 C
Max. load (t)  40  70  100  160 250
Min. clamping area (m)  2x2  2,5x2,5  3x3  4x4 4,5X4,5
Max. clamping area (m)  3,5x3,5  4x4  5x5  5x5 6,5X6,5
Rapid traverse - V axis (m/min) 10 10 10 10 10
Travel - V axis (m) 4 4 4 4,5 7
Rotation speed (rpm) 80 60 40 25 20
Power (kW) 2x51 2x56 2x78 2x78 2x

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