Modernization and overhauling

Modernization and overhauling

Get maximum from your ŠMT machine!

We know everything about your - our machine. Therefore we are able to offer our customers flexible overhauling and modernization of machines, so you can improve the way of machining, productivity and maximize your revenues. The same machine - absolutely new performance. 

Same old machine. Brand new performance


We know everything about (y)our machine. Who else can say that?

At ŠMT we always try to find ideal solutions for our customers. We offer flexible options for overhaul and modernization of your machines. All genuine ŠMT parts are manufactured to precise specifications and according to our original documentation. 

ŠMT unique modernization solutions are built on our more than 100-year expertise. They are made to improve your machining vital performance, enhance your productivity and maximize your revenues.

Every modernization we do is built on a promise of quality, built by the world's leading manufacturer and most importantly, built to be customized by you.

Same old machine. Brand new performance

Tentýž starý stroj. Zbrusu nový výkon.

What is it possible for?

  • Every ŠMT machine
  • Every ŠMT rotary table
  • Every ŠMT lathe
  • Every ŠMT accessories
  • Other manufacturers' machines

What will you get?

  • Productivity increase
  • Reduced cutting time
  • Minimal downtime
  • Original parts
  • Unique know-how
  • Original documentation
  • No need to build foundation
  • Buyback option
  • Using of renovation funds
  • Better positioning accuracy
  • Warranty from OEM

Contact us and get up to 40 % more from your ŠMT machine!


Choose the right upgrade level!

General overhaul

  • CNC system up-gradation or retrofit
  • New hydrostatic guiding
  • Increase of positioning accuracy
  • Up to 3.7 times faster feed rates
  • New spindle seating
  • Master-slave gearbox
  • Ram's dropping compensation system
Generální oprava

New headstock

  • New spindle seating
  • Up to 4 times more rpm
  • Up to 5 times faster feed rates
  • Spindle travel up to 1 500 mm
  • Ram travel up to 2 500 mm
  • Nový vřeteník

    Complete (new headstock and column)

    The same performance as of a new machine

    Perfectly fits to existing bed and foundation

    o additional building operations

    Much cheaper than a new machine

    Complete warranty

    Rapidly shorter cutting time

    Kompletní modernizace
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