ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL a.s. changes to ŠMT a.s.

Dear business partners,

allow us to inform you, that from November 1st, 2020 our company has changed the business name from SKODA MACHINE TOOL a.s. to ŠMT a.s.

All other data such as legal address of the company, VAT number and composition of statutory bodies of the company are remaining without change and there are remaining valid also all contracts and purchase orders signed before this change has been done. We turn to you with a request you to modify your address books and data in system that way, that all business, legal, accountant and tax documents are from November 1st, 2020 issued in line with the rule of law with the valid business name ŠMT a.s.

The reason for this change is a fact, that our company have had rented a licence for using of business name Škoda in the name of the company as well as the trademark ŠKODA. The licence is expiring by end of this year. Our company will be further use own name and own trademark.

We have also changed the e-mail address to @cz-smt.cz a webovou adresu www.cz-smt.cz. In relation to this change our company is changing also a visual style with new trademark / logo logo smt small


With this new visual style our company is entering to 110th year of our existence. ŠMT during its history has experienced various epochs. To jubilee year enters as company, which is commercially strong, with full capacity, technically as well as technologically advanced, financially consolidated, with highly qualified teams of employees and mainly with respectful and trustworthy customers, reliable suppliers and partners.

Thanks to your confidence and support our company is on current level and may express pride on its position of leader in the field of production of horizontal milling and boring machines by number one in new logo. Aside pride there is in this number one also our large commitment to keep and defend this position.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation and support, without which we could not reach such a position.